Monday, August 30, 2010

A Greyhound and Her Cat:)

Here's a link to a new post on the Greyhounds and Friends Blog with some amazing photos of a fairly newly adopted Greyhound and her cat:-)
Just a sample:-)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

GAP Walk Today - No Rain:)

I didn't take many photos as I had the lovely Prada on lead most of the time but I did manage to get some quite nice shots.  We had a wonderful walk.  Not quite as many Greyhounds as the last walk but they all had fun. 

Beryl was funny, on our normal 'family' walks with Frankie and her cousins, Louie and Lucy, Frankie is our advance scout.  He goes on ahead and makes sure it's safe for his family of dogs and people to follow.  Well, he wasn't there today so Beryl decided she had to fill his shoes and she took her responsibilities very seriously, paving the way for us all.  Except for a furious burst of running with Lucy at the river, which had all the people who don't know the way they tear around holding their breath waiting for broken legs:-)  Another great walk topped off with a drink and bite to eat at the dog friendly cafe.
Louie, Fatima, Irene, Sammi, Rosa, Horse, Jade
Louie, Prada, Sammi, Hugo, Lucy (lying down)
Go Beryl!!
The gorgeous Sexy Babe and Harry (I think!)
The lovely Beryl:-)
Ellie, Zoe, Sammi, Rosa, Prada
Hanniberyl Lechter!
Sexy Babe:-)
When we got home Beryl had a last flurry of activity shredding a bit of junk mail Frankie had counter surfed for her and then collapsed half on their mattress, half off it with a very satisfied smile on her face!
This is what Beryl thinks of junk mail!
It's not really a smile, her lip got stuck on her teeth, lol!

Sweetheart's Story - has everyone seen this blog?

I nearly didn't read it when I saw the photo in the heading but I'm so glad I did as it's a real gut-wrenching then heart warming story.  I won't give out any clues apart from to say it's an inspirational story of a little dog (Greyhound) with great spirit and a huge heart.  Please check her out at Sweetheart's Story  And her foster Mum is such a caring, loving person;- she deserves a medal or better.
Frankie and Beryl would rather be on my bed than go walking in the rain!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fund Raising Pics + Saturday Blog Hop

Today Beryl and I spent a while in front of our local supermarket talking to people about Greyhounds and raising a bit of money for the kennels.  Beryl was all excited when we arrived to be somewhere new but the novelty wore off pretty quickly.  She either likes action or sleeping and while looking gorgeous is second nature to her she got sick of strangers patting her on the head!!!  Why do people do that?  But she put up with it like the good girl she is.  And she 'sat' many times and even shook hands with a young boy which is the first time she's shaken hands with any one but me:-)  Here are some lovely photos of her taken by Sonja from the GAP kennels where I got Beryl from.  I hope to steal some more pics from Sonja's Facebook page when she puts them up;-)
Hmm, is blue my colour?
Yes, I'm pretty, thank you:-)
This nice man didn't pat me on the head, Mum!
Uh oh, here comes another headbanger!!
Yay, Debbie is a vet nurse and knows I like rubs better than head pats:-)
Ellie and her lovely Greyhound, Chase came to help out too:-)
Chase is another Greyhound who CAN sit!

Thanks so much for the lovely photos, Sonja:-)

And here are some 'awww' pics.
Lucy with her favourite stuffed fish:-)
Beryl roaching in the sun after a walk today
She's using me for a pillow AGAIN Mum!!
Too right I am, hehe!
You make my nose look SO big, Mum!
I'm trying to disguise it with my tongue:-)
That didn't work so I'll hide it!
Tomorrow we're going on a GAP walk with lots of other Greyhounds (if it's not pouring with rain like it did this afternoon!) so might have some pics and video to show you:-)

And it's Saturday Blog Hop time again.  If you don't know the rules you'll find them on Nigel's Blog (Life With dogs)

Happy Blogging everyone!  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Greyhounds and a new place

Today the kids Auntie Fatima and I took our Greyhounds and 3 GAP dogs to a horse riding establishment where their Auntie Rachel works.  Frankie had to stay home as the fences aren't 'Frankie proof'!  But I took him down to the park after for a walk:-)

The big paddock where we let them have a run is somewhat muddy and there is lots of yummy horse poop in it!!  But they still had a blast ....
Handsome Harry, Shannon (left) Cilla (right)
Beryl, Shannon and Cilla looking for horse poop!!
Pretty Shannon having a rest
Gorgeous Cilla taking a break
Shannon having a roll in horse poop!!
Shannon covered in horse poop!
Cilla and Shannon having a run
Beryl walking to the beat of a different drum:-)
Shannon's going to get Cilla!
Beryl's been knee deep in mud!
Afterwards the kids were all hosed down in the stables:-)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beryl and the Bichon!

After Rally O training we let all the dogs loose for a tear around.  There's a spunky little Bichon there who either thinks he is a Greyhound or wants to be a Greyhound.  He's usually found in the thick of everything or following the Greyhounds around.  I took my camera tonight and got a bit of him in action but missed the best bit at the finish when Beryl decided to do some laps of the area while it was just about empty and this little guy was flat out after her doing his best to either catch up or cut her off!  It was a crack up to see:-)

At the beginning of the video is also Shannon, a blue GAP girl who is off to her new home tomorrow and further on is Cilla, a black brindle GAP girl, who is still in foster care with Fatima and Rachel for a couple more days.  And little Lucy is there as well.  More Greyhounds than any other breed of dog!  Harry had left by then:-)

I was very cautious about letting Beryl off leash with this guy and also his toy white Poodle friend when I first started taking her along to Rally O a few weeks ago but she's fine and really enjoys hanging with other breeds of dogs and it's very good for her socialisation.  When she's had enough she comes back to me and we wander off and do some silly stuff:-)  She loves getting out and about.

I had two instructors tonight tell me how she's going so much better than Frankie .... who has the attention span of a gnat at class, lol.  And apart from teaching her to sit and down that's all the training she's had!  So I really must pull my socks up and do some training with both of them.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Award and The Saturday Blog Hop:-)

We have been honoured with another Versatile Blogger award and thank Cedes of Change so much for it:-)  Seeing as we've already had it before we won't pass it on, but are very grateful nevertheless.

And it's Saturday Blog Hop time again.  I'd like to say it's great to have a couple of new followers and here's what you have to do to get yourself on it ....

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  • Saturday, August 21, 2010

    We went somewhere different today:-)

    Yes, Louie did get through that little hole - reluctantly:-)
    We went to a place about 25 minutes from home where there are plenty of places for the dogs to wander around and a river, yay!  They didn't do much racing as there were so many new places to smell and investigate.  I was a bit worried about letting Frankie off lead as I thought he'd probably go hunting never to be seen again but he was very good and only disappeared a few times and soon came back to see why we were taking so long:-)  And when he got zapped by the electric fence he stayed VERY close to me for about 10 minutes, lol.  I took about 100 photos but most of them were of dogs and women's backsides.  Here are a few that aren't though:-)

    Beryl and Lucy on a mission

    New foster girl, Cilla

    Frankie is keeping an eye on his big sister!

    Rachel and Frankie and Lucy

    Girls 'playing'!

    Beryl and Lucy off the beaten track

    Frankie is glad he's not in the middle of that!

    Rachel and the greys

    Hmm, sawdust, that's very interesting!

    Little Lucy is having a wonderful day:-)
    And didn't we all.  Tired, happy kids tonight.  Life is good:-)

    I took a bit of video which isn't very good, by the time I'd stabilised it and zoomed in it looks pretty blurry.  Just greyhounds (and Frankie) mooching around.
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