Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Last Post Here!

That's a relief!  When I first went to do this post I kept getting a page that said my dashboard couldn't be found.  Talk about panic.  Somehow I've found it and now I've got a brand new, spiffy dashboard.  I'm a bit scared to wander around though in case this page disappears!

OK, our new home is and I hope you'll all come and visit and update however you get our feed.  Well, I hope you can update it, I'm getting very confused about feeds.  I was going to set up a redirect thing here on Blogger but that's very confusing too, so I'll just hope this feed goes out as I don't know if I've stuffed it up with all the changes I've made.

I've done a post on my new blog which I'll publish shortly, kind of a test post to get your reactions ... if you can comment!  And I'll put my competition details in the next post I do.  But I'll tell you the prize, it's a $US25 Amazon voucher, so anyone from anywhere can enter:)  I sometimes feel left out living here in lovely New Zealand because so many competitions are for US and Canada people only:(

Bye bye Blogger.  I'm still keeping this blog up for posterity and in case anyone still comments here:)  See you all in Wordpress!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Candid Camera:)

Beryl reckons you should always have a smile on your face because you never know when someone is going to be taking your photo!!  Check out this photo of me and Beryl.

She was highly delighted because she'd not long before gone for a run with the hounds at the last GAP walk.  Admittedly she was at the back and she didn't run for very long but I'm sure she'll get more confident after having taken this initial step.  So why do I look like the world has come to an end, lol?

I'm very sorry I haven't been visiting and commenting on blogs in the past week or so but I'm really busy working (including the weekend!) and my nights are being spent getting my new Wordpress Blog ready.  Everything has gone fairly smoothly, it's up and running with most of this blog imported but it took me weeks to decide on a theme, then I changed it and I keep getting sidetracked when I'm looking for things to add.  It's extremely engrossing and I'm learning heaps but the more I learn the more I need to know!  So I'll probably do one more post here and then we're going to our new home:)

And to celebrate both our new home and our 1 year Blogiversary, which is on 18th July, we're going to have a competition with a PRIZE!  The details will be announced on our new blog as kind of an incentive for everyone to come and find us:) 

Happy 4th of July to everyone in the USA!  I guess you're all having a long weekend?  Hope it's not too hot and you're all doing something fun with the kids.

Right, I'm going to cuddle with the kids for a while and then have an early night for a change.  Bye for now.
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