Monday, December 27, 2010

GGG and more:-)

Well, it's been a month since the inaugural Greyt Greyhound Gathering so I guess it's well past time I did a blog post about it!  I took 260 photos but don't worry, I'm not going to put them all up:-)  Just some of my favourites.

I had 2 wonderful travelling companions, Anthony (who is Jade's Dad ... and also Jazz and Leo's but they didn't come with us) and Claire (who is Indie's Mum).  Anthony did a magnificent job driving as he was towing an amazing 6 berth greyhound trailer.  Very luxurious mode of transport for the 6 girls who were in there.  We took up 8 female greyhounds in all, 4 were being picked up by new parents or foster parents.

We had a lunch stop at Taumaranui on the way up, where we literally stopped traffic while we gave the girls a walk around under the lovely shady trees. Cars were slowing down and one car full of nice ladies turned around and got out to enjoy their first pat of Greyhounds:-)

Anthony and Claire with Jade, Bess, Sasha, Flash, Candy (?), Indie, Beryl and Molly
We stayed Friday and Saturday night in a Greyhound friendly motel and while we were only supposed to have our own personal girls in there somehow we ended up with 7 (Flash having gone to her new home shortly after we arrived) hunkering down for the night:-)  Floor space was at a premium!

Anthony with the girls.  7 Greyhounds don't take up that much room really:-)
Late Saturday morning we headed out to Victoria's lovely gardens and quickly found a shady tree to call our own.  It was HOT!  There were about 52 hounds and 3 non-greyhounds there and most were wandering around off leash just visiting or chilling and trying not to get too hot!
Beryl in the coolest spot she could find!
Part of the crowd, with Arrow Wium sauntering past:-)

And here is Helen, of Aroundahound martingale collar fame, with Arrow and his little sister, Snoopy.

Snoopy, Arrow and Noel-John Wium winning best Irish Brace:-)

Bess and Beryl minding our spot
Bess with her new parents who are totally in love with her!
Even non-black Greyhounds were feeling the heat!
The very handsome Brodie:-)
Claire's Indie looking after someone else's blanket!
Helen with her stunning matching boys, Enzo and Cruzer
A couple of our local 'lads', Bryce and Fish:-)
Prettiest bitch line-up.  Jill and her Mum, Lynda, in the middle taking it out.  Our hostess, Victoria with Gillie on the right getting 2nd place and Gabby on the left was 3rd
Jill again, with her Dad, Lincoln and Elizabeth.
Me and Bess saying goodbye
Stanley the lion!
There was a fancy dress competition and I might do another blog with photos from that as there were some wonderful costumes.  Stanley didn't win but I thought he looked gorgeous:-)

Later in the afternoon some of us took our dogs for a run in the neighbours big paddock.  It was still hot and Sasha decided the best way to cool off was to lie in a trough.  Jade thought splashing Sasha and Beryl would help them.  I don't think Beryl was that impressed though, lol!

That evening a scrumptious BBQ was served and it was a feast!  Spit roasted lamb, BBQ king fish, salads, spuds etc with the biggest strawberries I've ever seen for dessert if you still had room!

Me and Claire ... we BOTH look awful Claire, lol!!  Great sunnies though:-)
Indie at the BBQ; again taking over someone else's blanket!  Enzo and Cruzer's I suspect.

Hmmm, that's not my bed Beryl!
Beryl decided to really make herself at home in the motel on Sunday morning!  Molly soon joined her on Anthony's bed.  Beryl does like her home comforts!

We had a fairly leisurely trip home, stopping at Taupo for an icecream for us and the 4 girls.  And while we didn't stop traffic this time we did get plenty of looks and also some video taken of us walking through town.

Stunning scenery, Lake Taupo with Mt Ruapehu still with some snow on at the end of November!
Me and Beryl at the lake.
We all had a wonderful weekend away.  It was great to put faces to names we see on the internet and meet so many lovely hounds.  None of whom put a foot out of place the whole weekend:-)  An amazing advertisement for the awesome nature of Greyhounds.

Our hosts, Victoria, Sam, Lily and Dougal the resident Airedale, did a splendid job organising everything and the whole weekend ran smoothly.

If you're still here you're possibly wondering where Frankie was for the weekend?  I would have loved to have taken him too but there wasn't room and being obsessed over by 50 or so Greyhounds might have been a bit much for him:-)  So he had a blast staying at Creature Comforts Pet Lodge running around for 3 days with other dogs.  I don't know who was the most tired, him, me or Beryl!

I hope everyone has had the best Christmas.  Personally I've really enjoyed blobbing out with the kids and recharging the mental and physical batteries.

Here's something I haven't done for a while, joined in on the Saturday Pet Bloggers Hop.  Details can be found at Life with Dogs. Enjoy:-)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today is special:-)

It's 2 years today since Frankie came into my life!  So Happy Gotcha Day to my best mate:-)  I can't imagine what life would be like without him now, nor do I want to think about it.  He's a contrary, quirky dude but never boring.

Frankie and 2 of his biggest fans, Bess and Cilla

Very clever, enthusiastic and curious but easy going and nicely laid back now that he's a bit older and has his bossy sister, Beryl, to keep him in line, lol!  I'm so lucky to have 2 wonderful dogs to share my life with.

And guess what ....  Bess and Cilla have got families to love them now and both of them have a 'Frankie type' dog to live with. Their families are totally besotted with both girls, yay:-)

I hope to write a decent post over Christmas when I've got a whole 2 days off work and also catch up on what everyone has been up to over the past month when I've been away from the blogging world.  But I'll wish you all the very best for the Christmas Season now in case I get sidetracked then.  Take care everyone and hug your kids for me:-)

Me and Beryl

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