Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lucy isn't as innocent as she looks!

Meet Lucy, Frankie's soul mate and Beryl's BFF.
Lucy doing her Meerkat impersonation:-)
Doesn't she look all sweet and innocent, like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth:-)  But this is how she treats Frankie ....
First she grabs him by the hock
Then by the scruff of the neck
Gets him in a headlock and off balance
On to his back
Where he tries to defend himself!
When the battle is over (I think Lucy won this one!) they ...
Hug and shake paws:-)

They are oblivious to Beryl's presence.  When Frankie is off doing his missions at the park Beryl and Lucy will run around together but as soon as he turns up it's just him and Lucy.  This is how they normally play - it's a bit scary for people seeing them for the first time, lol.

Here's a video I took of them playing on their beach in April just before Beryl joined the family

Lucy is a tiny girl, about 24.5 kgs (approx 53 pounds) and her sister has just come into GAP and she's only 20 kgs (44 pounds!!)  She's a fawn and her racing name is appropriately Power Mouse:-)  Everyone is keen to see her.  Frankie is about 22 kgs, Beryl is about 28 kgs.  I can't imagine a 20 kg Greyhound!!  Hope I get to see her.


jet said...

hah barbie was about 23kgs when we got her, I think now she's more like 25kgs... so funny watching them wrestle like that... Bender and Barbie used to wrestle until Bender made Barbie yelp... now she doesn't play wrestling games with him as much cos he doesn't always respect her boundaries. These two look like they love each other!

Ellie said...

Just found your blog via Life With Dogs. I love your dogs!


houndstooth said...

Ha! Bunny is about fifty pounds, so she's a tiny thing, too. You'd never know it when she gets mad at the big dogs, though!

whygreyhounds said...

Lucy is one ruff nut! She can certainly 'dish it out' in play time! Frankie is a great sport but looks like he loves the rough play as much as her.

'Power Mouse' good name for a small racer, I haven't seen a Grey that small at 20kg, she will be adopted quickly I bet!

Fatima said...

HAHAH- I will show this to Rachel (Lucy's Mum ) as soon as she gets home from work tonight !! Love the pics ad videos :-)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I wanted a little girl greyhound like Lucy, but I fell for Beryl and after the initial shock of her size I soon got used to her and love her and would love her even if she was a big girl instead of a medium girl:-) Beryl made Frankie yelp 3 times in 5 minutes tonight after I got home from work! He's too soft with her, lol. He wouldn't take it from anyone else but Lucy:-) He's an abused brother! Beryl doesn't hold back when it comes to Frankie. He bounces back quickly though:-)

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