Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nerves of Steel!

Isn't it funny how you have to develop nerves of steel when exercising a greyhound!!  I"m sure Beryl deliberately gets as close as she possibly can when she's doing her laps just to see how mine are coming along, lol.  A couple of nights ago I got home from work in daylight (yay) with time to walk the kids at the park.  We often go to the cycling velodrome but some egg has broken bottles on it (Fatima and I are going to clean the broken glass up this morning!) so that was out.  But we did walk along the grassy bank surrounding most of the velodrome.
You can see the bank behind the fence
It's not very wide across the top so Beryl's laps were long and narrow rather than wide loops.  It's very tempting to try and dodge an object racing straight towards you at about 40mph:-)  But I managed to stay put every time she did this (laughing all over her face!) and escaped unscathed.  I've learned to trust her judgment on this rather than mine.  It's still a bit scary though, lol.

This afternoon a gaggle of greyhounds and their slaves are going to the park for a run.  We've got a person coming along who is interested in adopting a greyhound and also fostering:-)  And she wants to meet the local contingent.  So we're going to the velodrome where everyone can be let off leash safely .... as long as there's no broken glass there!!
Here is a short video of a previous visit with the kids having a great time on a lovely winters afternoon. 


houndstooth said...

I hope you all have a lot of fun when you get together this afternoon! We'd love to have a group like that!

Treat used to run straight at the fence, Don Quixote style, and nearly gave my husband a heart attack every time! She'd turn on a dime at the last second and she never missed, but watching her was not for the faint of heart!

Greyhounds CAN sit said...

We will have fun, as long as the forecast rain holds off til later in the afternoon! We're very lucky in having a wonderful place to take the dogs and also more greyhounds are getting adopted locally and they love meeting up:-)

jet said...

I know Barbie's judgement isn't always good! She has run into the fence at the dog park more than once when she's failed to pull up in time, that said I want her to run straight at me when I recall her so sometimes I do step a little to the side. ;)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I love and hate watching greyhounds run!

Greyhounds CAN sit said...

I know what you mean! They're so glorious to watch but your hearts in your mouth most of the time:-) How they don't injure themselves I don't know.

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