Monday, August 2, 2010

We had fun in the sun today:-)

(all pics can be clicked on for a larger view)
Today was lovely and sunny and quite warm for winter, a welcome change from yesterday's rain.  And we made the most of it after lunch with a walk down to the park and river.  It was just me and the kids, our usual greyhound friends couldn't join us.  This meant Beryl had Frankie all to herself!!  Usually she has to share him with Lucy, who is his soul mate:-)
Frankie, Beryl and Lucy
And doesn't he love it;-)  But Frankie and Beryl had lots of fun fetching sticks and playing chasie .....

Getting the stick
Frankie's got it ....
Beryl wants it!
This one is a mouthful!
They're off!!
Beryl running on her own
Beryl running for fun:-)
Hmmm, Beryl's on a mission
Frankie about to shake!
I love you Frankie:-)
So much ....
I love you too Sis:-)
Time for a break!
Yep, we sure had a great run around, happy dogs afterward ....
Happy Beryl
Happy Frankie
And Beryl's 'happy tail' bandage is definitely coming off tonight before she goes to bed:-)


jet said...

they are so cute together :) Barbie likes to run alongside Bender with her mouth around his shoulders or head. Doggie kisses. Heheh.

Greyhounds CAN sit said...

Lol, it's so great when they enjoy having fun together. Mine are so rough though, someone's going to get hurt one day!!

jet said...

Ah they moderate themselves. Bender made Barbie yelp once and Barbie now has ramped the rough stuff back a bit. Bender has never been injured though. Barbie has very good bite inhibition.

Greyhounds CAN sit said...

Beryl is bigger and probably stronger than Frankie, although he's a tough guy when it comes to playing. He takes a lot from Beryl before he yelps. She doesn't yelp, she tells him off good and proper. They are both drama queens when it comes to little things though. They don't seem to be doing their really hard out playing so much now. It's like Frankie finds it less painful to have her chase him:-) And that's what he tries to get her to do at home. He can corner better:-)

Fatima said...

OMG they had a great time! :)
We wre at the CGC tonight - we missed you! LOL
I guess the kids were too tired!

houndstooth said...

Aww! They just look so happy! I would love to find a place like that for ours to play, but we don't have many beaches here in the cornfield!

Greyhounds CAN sit said...

Nah, Fatima, I was the one that was tired! Am trying to keep my cold germs to myself:-) Probably won't go to Rally tonight either:-(

Houndstooth - we are SO lucky to have a wonderful park and river virtually right on our doorstep. The kids love going there as you can see:-) But I'm sure they'd welcome a romp in a cornfield too!

Grayce and Danger said...

Love them :) Beryl sure is a pretty greyhound. I bet my boy Danger would love her ;)

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