Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What is a "heart" dog?

I saw one of my followers ask this question on a blog I was just reading and the question wasn't answered so I thought I'd give my idea of what a "heart" dog is and I welcome comments from others as to what they think:-)

To me a "heart" dog is a dog with whom you have an eerie connection, you can almost read each others thoughts.  Just as you've given each other your hearts, you'd also make every possible sacrifice to ensure the safety and happiness of the other.  Some people are privileged enough or deserving enough to have more than one "heart" dog in their lifetime, some people never experience the awesomeness that is having one. When that connection is broken a huge hunk of your heart is taken with it.  Sometimes the human partner dies first - we all know the story of Greyfriar's Bobby I think?  Such a faithful little dog.

In my lifetime I've had 15 dogs.  They were/are all special and it would almost break my heart to single a few out as being extra special because I know all their hearts belonged to me, but some of them did take a bigger piece of my heart when they left than others.

Frankie is a "heart" dog despite driving me to distraction at times.  But neither of us are perfect and he loves me totally anyway.  He makes me smile and laugh and sometimes yell when he gets his 'painted on ears' at the park.  And I can't imagine life without him.

Beryl is a very, very special girl.  She isn't a "heart' dog .... yet!  We still don't know all about Beryl and neither does she.  Her personality is still developing and it's wonderful to witness her blossom into a very happy pet.   Tomorrow it will be 4 months since Beryl came to live with us and I can't remember what life was like 'before Beryl'.

What is everyone else's definition/experience of a "heart dog"?

It's all in the eyes of the beholder!


houndstooth said...

I've loved all of our dogs, but I've had two Greyhounds as an adult that I'd also consider heart dogs. Treat was definitely a heart dog. I felt like I was an extension of her and she of me. I did feel that I knew almost exactly what she was thinking most of the time. When she passed away, I was devastated. It wasn't the same sadness I've felt when our others have passed. I just felt like we "got" each other.

Bunny is certainly also a heart dog. I just feel right when we're together, and I certainly feel like I know what she'll do most of the time. There's just a certain magic that happens there between a person and a dog that makes the heart dog connection, in my opinion. I've been very blessed!

ashley said...

i totally agree with what you say.
my heart dog would definately be berlin. we are totally in tune. she is my shadow and everyone comments on how she only has eyes for me.
i hate leaving her and going places without her.
ive had other dogs that have left a chunck in my heart but berlin ive had the biggest connection to.

Greyhounds CAN sit said...

Yes, we are blessed to have a heart dog in our life. Who needs a human partner when you've got a heart dog, lol!

jet said...

I think then, my first heart dog was the red cloud kelpie X that I grew up with. When I moved out of home I really wanted to take him with me. He was my best friend and companion. I walked him for hours every day as soon as I was strong enough to handle him on the lead. He had no obedience training, he hated to be crowded and snapped at us when we did, he used to push through the doorway to get out before my dad did, and he barked like a trouper. But he was my boy. He looked a little like Frankie, actually, though his head was not as broad.

Greyhounds CAN sit said...

That's interesting, Jet. I don't suppose you've got a pic of him? I have no idea what Frankie is, but think he could have Kelpie in him. A lot of people ask if he's got pittie in him but I don't think so. Is 'red cloud' a type of Kelpie? Being an Aussie myself I should know, lol!

jet said...

'Red cloud' just refers to the red coat colour. I don't think I have any digital pics of him but might have some other ones to scan. I passed well before the time of digital cameras! Pitties are very uncommon in Australia cos they are basically banned - not sure what the legislation is in NZ? Anyway probably not a pittie cross if the situation is similar. I think Frankie looks like kelpie crossed with some type of bully breed though. Maybe staffy or american staffy? There are actually genetic tests you can order nowadays to find out what your pooch is mixed with, and I've considered getting Bender tested to settle once and for all what he is, since people always ask and have a million suggestions from Boxer to Labrador to Bullmastiff.

Greyhounds CAN sit said...

I've thought of getting a DNA done on Frankie but from the research I've done on the internet the test results aren't very accurate yet. Yes, definitely bully of some sort in him, very hard to get him to let go when he's tugging, lol. Plenty of pitties here in NZ. The legislation varies from council to council but they aren't banned anywhere as far as I know. I just say Frankie is a Kelpie X when asked, and like you with Bender (another handsome dude!), I'm asked a lot:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi I love your blog :) especially this post. My heart grey died in APril he was a gap dog Id had for four years and I feel like a piece of me died too. I have a new grey now and she is adorable We are fostering to adopt after much concern she appears to be lining up to be hubbys heart dog! She is nothing like my other two greys and I might need to go to dog training! she is young and puppy like
many thanks for the read

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Oh, Anonymous, so sorry for your loss, but I'm so glad you found room in your heart to bring another dog into your home. I think that's the least we can do as a tribute to those we've lost. I'll bet hubby is pleased to be chosen:-) You new girl sounds like a doll. Good luck with the training!

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