Monday, September 20, 2010

So, what DID happen last night?

About 10-30 last night Frankie kicked up a real stink.  It was very windy and I thought he'd heard some strange banging or cats fighting that I'd missed. He carried on barking for a while and tore through the house trying to look out windows.  It was raining so I didn't let him outside and eventually he calmed down.  When I took him and Beryl outside for their before bed pee they both raced around the back yard to clear it of imaginary cats as they usually do.  But when I eventually left the house this morning the first thing I saw was my side gate was wide open!!!!!   I don't lock it as it opens inwards and is quite heavy and needs new hingey things as to open it you have to lift it up to miss the concrete path and lift it higher to get over the lawn if you want it wider.  

Excuse the kids!!

I think Frankie heard someone sliding the gate over the concrete path and they had time to lift it over the lawn a bit before they took off.  The wind was howling towards the gate and would have been keeping it shut if it was a solid gate.  So that was pretty scary stuff, thinking we nearly had an intruder and if it wasn't for Frankie scaring him off who knows what would have happened.  What was also scary was that the kids have free access to the backyard through the dog door and could have gone for a wander down the street!!!  But thankfully nothing happened to any of us and Frankie is our HERO:-)
Next time I'll ambush 'em
Aww shucks Mum, it was all in a nights work!
He had a real good sniff around the gateway, there were definitely some strange smells there!
We did manage a walk late afternoon between heavy showers of rain.  We all got rugged up ...

And headed off to the park where we had a great time as there was no-one else there and it didn't rain until we were nearly back to the car:-)

A stylish khaki raincoat modelled by the gorgeous Princess 'Dingo Ears' Beryl

Forgive the white stripe here, I can't get rid it without re-doing the whole blog post!!

A fashionably slouchy coat cut for ease of movement:-)
I wuff you, Mum .... gotta treat for your Princess?
And here's Frankie, trying to keep his coat dry, lol!  Didn't work.


Corbin said...

Mom always lets me bark a little more when she's home alone... No one would want to break into our house with my big bark!

Hiking Hounds said...

That's scary! Good boy Frankie.

They look great in there coats.


Michelle said...

Glad everyone is safe! Good job Frankie!!! :)

houndstooth said...

Good heaven, that's scary! I'm glad Frankie scared whoever it was off. I hope you'll go out and lock that gate, at least for a while.

Beryl, I do believe you should be on the cover of Greyhound Fashion Magazine! That coat really looks lovely on you!

Lilac thanks you for the birthday wishes and Vegemite again! She's had a great day!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Love Beryl's dingo ears, coat picture. He is so GQ! :-)

The Homespun Loft said...

so glad they didn't get out on you. Please come and check out my blog and follow. I am your newest follower.

jet said...

Ah, scary dog! Bender barks a fair bit but if Barbie starts up as well I know something is up. They sound so scary that even couriers who come to drop off parcels run away, fortunately they drop off their parcels first! hehe

Lauren said...

Eww eww eww! Definitely scary! Animals are wonderful at sensing things that we humans just don't! :-P

If it happens again, I'd say call the police!

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