Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Battle for Timona Park!

Today began relatively uneventfully.  Beryl decided the sprinkler that had been in the same place in the veggie garden of weeds for at least 2 years needed a change of scenery ....
  She carried it into the house and onto their mattress and spent a few contented minutes munching on it:-)

  She is easily amused:-)

After lunch we went to Timona Park and met up with Auntie Fatima and the cousins, Louie and Lucy and Cilla, the foster dog.  We wandered down to the velodrome where Cilla could have a run off leash.
Beryl and Cilla

Lucy, Beryl, Cilla

Whew, that was a good pipe opener!
It was quite warm so they didn't run around as much as usual.  Time to go back to the park.  The river is flooded so we can't go down there, our lovely 'river beach' is underwater and will have disappeared when the river finally goes down:-(  If it ever does as it's raining AGAIN!

But, never fear, Lucy has a puddle in the park which she loves!
Go Lucy!!

And back the other way!

And right in the middle!  Big splash for a little dog:-)

Nearly everyone joins in
And they keep going

And going

Starting to flag a bit but Frankie urges the girls on

You can do it girls!!
But finally the girls needed a rest.  Beryl was tired and dirty
But Lucy was real tired!
After her usual power nap Lucy was ready to do battle with Frankie for the park, although he didn't know it at first ....
Lucy sneaking up on Frankie!

Let the battle begin!
Oh no, not the hock, arggghh!

Frankie's turn

Beryl went to help but she quickly gives up when ...

Louie arrives to help his little sister

Oh no, reinforcements!!!

Does this look fair?  Poor Frankie!
No friends were hurt during this battle and as always it was a draw:-)  Back home to recover and prepare for the next battle. But the war will never be won!
A tiny ball of very tired, dirty Greyhound Princess!

Too tired to get comfortable - that right front leg looks weird!


jet said...

Hahah so nice to see them free to play (gently) with their mouths =) Barbie and Bender like to play mouthy games. Bender is a bit rough sometimes though.

Ellie said...

I love your yard! Oh yeah, and the dogs are cool, too ;-). Greyhounds are such gorgeous animals, you're lucky to share your life w/ them.

houndstooth said...

Every outing you guys have looks like a fun one! I have to ask, though. Are all Greyhounds down there black? They're gorgeous, that's for sure! I love the pics of her running through the puddle!

Michelle said...

Love all the photos. Looks they had such a fun time. The water shots are awesome, but my fav is the one of Frankie getting tag teamed....would have loved to have seen the expression on Frankie's face. :)

jcp said...

Franky looks like he got in over his head there. Louie almost ate it whole! Fantastic pics as usual!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Ha! Love the puddle pics! And that one of Frankie being tag teamed by greyhounds... very funny!

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