Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bart has got a question mark hanging over him!!!

Meet young Bart, who is Lucy's litter brother ....
 And the question mark hanging over him?  Look at his tail:-)
Bart's question mark
See, 2 question marks:-)
Their tails straighten when they run!
Isn't he cute.
He's very smiley and happy.
Very pretty colour.
And the obligatory photo with Beryl in it:-)
The person who adopts Bart is going to be very lucky.  He's a sweet little man, plenty of energy, likes to be busy.  Would be great for doing Rally O, CGC and probably agility with.

Aren't I lucky getting to meet so many gorgeous Greyhounds:-)  And here's a couple of photos of one of our friends at the park where we walk the dogs ....
'Big Ted' and his Mum

Ted, Beryl and Lucy
Ted is great 'little fluffy dog' desensitisation for Greyhounds:-)

Well, I've got lots more photos to show but I think that's enough for one post .... and it is Wordless Wednesday:-)


houndstooth said...

I love the curly tail hounds! Blueberry's does, but hers in more like a slinky, it sort of falls over to one side or the other! :P

You are very lucky!

jet said...

Barbie's tail is so long I can't imagine it curling like that!

whygreyhounds said...

Great curly tails! Bart sounds lovely, hope he gets a wonderful forever home soon.

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