Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beryl's Birthday Present

Beryl wants me to say a BIG thank you to every one who sent her Happy Birthday wishes.  She was quite over come:-)  And she would like to share some photos with you of the lovely present her Auntie Fatima gave her ....
Isn't my new collar pretty?
It's definitely not the pattern collar I would have bought for Beryl as while she is a Princess, she is also a bit of a rock/biker chick at heart, like me, and I wouldn't be seen dead in vintage roses!  But she said that because Auntie Fatima was kind enough to give it to her she would wear it, and once I put it on her she didn't want me to take it off:-)
See, it looks good when I do my yoga:-)
What makes this collar extra special is that is almost a 'one-off' with Lucy, Beryl's BFF, having the only other one.  And also .... it was made in New Zealand:-)  Up til now we haven't been able to buy any lovely martingale collars locally and now we can!  Yay and thank you to Helen of Aroundahound collars for taking the plunge and making wonderful collars for us addicts:-)  Beryl is getting one from me for a belated birthday present but I haven't sent the fabric to Helen yet.  And I was thinking, hmm, with the exchange rate being in everyone else's favour perhaps Kiwi collars might be cheaper for overseas Greyhound people to buy???

No, I'm not getting a discount for plugging these collars, lol.  But I do think it's great when people take a bit of a risk and get outside of their comfort zone.  Well done, Helen.
My girly look for my girly collar:-)
Frankie approves too:-)
Beryl did have a lovely birthday and I think today was even better because she and Frankie got 2 walks:-)

Oh, and can someone tell us what a Frosty Paw is please? 


jet said...

Frosty paws are pretty much anything that is frozen and good for doggies... I've heard a lot of banana/peanut butter/yogurt recipies. Too cold for them here at the moment but I will be experimenting this summer. Before my dogs just got plain old ice blocks!


jcp said...

Beryl's collar looks very fetching on her. She looks great!

Maddy the Puggle said...

That collar looks great! I love it :)

4-legged Wiums said...

Thank you for mentioning (or should I say raving??) my collars :) :) Beryl does look GORGEOUS in hers!

houndstooth said...

Beryl, you look absolutely great! I think that you totally rock that collar, and it does have a retro, rock n roll sort of vibe to it!

Frosty Paws are made here in the US and they're frozen yogurt treats for dogs. You can make them yourself, though. I posted a recipe for it on our blog a long while back, and I've seen several others. If you take equal parts plain yogurt and peanut butter, mix them up and then freeze them in some sort of ice cube mold or little cups, you've pretty much got the idea. Our dogs will knock you down in the kitchen for them!

whygreyhounds said...

Great collar..........I had no idea what Frosty
Paws were either! LOL, us "Down Under" are learning from our US friends!! :-)

whygreyhounds said...

BTW....I will check out collar site as want a collar for Rex but up to date only found 'girly' colors!....LOL....we need some 'rough & tuff' colors for the boys!!! Pink & flowers just don't suit Rex's personality. ;-)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

That is the nice thing about black dogs... they look good in anything!

Sally (and George) said...

I bought the red, black and grey circles collar after seeing how great Beryl looked in it. George will give the pink one a miss, but Beryl looks wonderful in it. I wouldn't let you take it off either, if I were her.

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