Monday, October 25, 2010

Manawatu GAP Walk at Ashhurst Domain

We had a gorgeous Spring afternoon for our monthly walk yesterday.  We're not used to such warmth, so far Spring hasn't been anything to brag about.  There was a great turnout of hounds and slaves.  I didn't get a head count but there would have been more than 20 dogs and probably about 30 people counting human children:-)  We all had a blast.  So, photo time. 

Cynthia and her foster dog, Snuffles, leading a small group.
Eliza and Anna
In-D, George, Speed, Cilla
Lots of slaves, a few hounds.  This is the only photo with Louie in it, right in the middle:-)
Lovely little Jade, wearing her new collar that her cuzzy, Beryl, gave her:-)
No, these don't all belong to Michelle!
The photo above was taken in a large (approx 4 acres?) fully fenced area and it's great for owners who aren't confident about getting their Greyhound back in the open spaces to have a place to let them off lead for a tear around and not worry:-)

What, no photos of The Princess yet, you're asking yourselves.  Well, I didn't actually get many of Beryl as she spent most of the time leading the whole bunch of us.  A couple of times she wended her way back to me to make sure I was OK then off she'd go again.  She and Lucy and Louie seem to stick together at the front and I'm usually in the middle taking photos!  But I did get a couple of photos of her:-)

She looks like she's enjoying herself!
Lucy catching her breath
Blue and In-D
Nellie, Jazz, Beryl
Michelle's Rozzo, Horse's Dad, Horse
Everyone made it down the hill OK
A watering hole, Roach and Irene, Michelle and Rozzo relaxing at the front of the photo
Rachel (GH, looking for a forever home) and Ellie
Ellie and Rachel, Blue and his family, Odette, Mike and Ben
In-D and Jazz cooling off
Lucy supervising at the watering hole
Lucy 2 minutes earlier!! 
This photo would have been more interesting if someone had fallen into the mud:-)
Claire's Indie and her little sister, Lou, at the cafe
In-D, his Mum Kathleen, Cilla, Beryl, Babe at the cafe
Jade relaxing at the cafe
Jade's sister, Jazz, wearing her new Aroundahound collar
Lou, Indie, Babe, Nellie, Speed, Rachel, Jazz
The lovely view from the cafe
I often get comments about how photogenic Beryl is and I just say, well, I only put up the good ones of her ... and here's the proof!  Don't tell her I let you all see this photo, OK?

The Princess can look like a frog!!
I think I can safely say that everyone had a great time and we're all looking forward to the next walk in a month.  Thanks for organising it Michelle!


houndstooth said...

Beryl looks lovely, even in that last photo, but your secret is safe with me!

I am SO envious that you're able to have such a fun meet up with so many people and hounds in such a large enclosed area! I would call in sick to work to be able to go to such a thing! Thank you so much for sharing all the fun with us!

4-legged Wiums said...

Looks like a lovely walk!! And HOW cool to see THREE of my collars in your photos :-D yay!

Kristine said...

What a great day! I wish we had meet-up groups like that in my city. It would be a wonderful way to introduce Shiva to so many potential friends.

Thanks for posting all these awesome photos!

Sue said...

What a fab time. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos, even the last one (she looks beautiful, as always).

Jessica, Rainy, Sunshine, Murdoc, & Frizzle said...

I love this blog! But why are the geys muzzled while leashed? And why are some loose naked while others are loose while muzzled?

Just my curiosity... I never muzzle while on leash and will only muzzle off leash when everyone else is muzzled. Also never let my girls run with other unmuzzled greys. I let them run unmuzzled with other breeds as long as play doesn't get too crazy. Always in a fenced area of at least 5ft high. Bad fence jumper puppy... LOL

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