Friday, October 1, 2010

GAP Greyhounds Hit The Town!

Today was a big day in Feilding, the smallish rural town where we live.  Yes, that's the correct spelling as it was named after a Colonel Feilding, not for all the fields that surround it:-)  It was Rural Day (along with being day 2 of the big 3 day National Dog Show) and the whole town gets in behind the rural theme.  The shops compete for best dressed rural themed window, there are many displays and competitions and lots of the displays included dogs.  Beryl and I spent quite a while in the square in the centre of town spreading the word about what marvellous pets retired racing Greyhounds make.  We were accompanied by Judy and her lovely black boy, Fish.  Then we wandered down to Curves, a woman's fitness and health facility managed by Odette who adopted the handsome Blue about the same time I adopted Beryl.
Blue, Odette, Beryl and Edna (who also works at Curves)
While we were there a reporter from a local paper took some photos of us which we're hoping will be in there soon:-)

After a while we walked back to the car to head off to the dog show where GAP have a marquee out the front.  We had to go back through the square which was full of people by now and more farm animals.  Beryl was interested in most of them in a casual way but the 2 piglets that were making lots of noise got her FULL attention!  At the time I was chatting to a couple of people interested in fostering Greyhounds and she voiced her desire to get up close to these piglets very loudly, lol.  I guess that's one way of attracting attention!  The people weren't put off and I managed to drag Beryl away before we were asked to leave ... no, it wasn't that bad, she was quite funny actually.

There were lots of people coming and going at the dog show and plenty of people wanting to pat the hounds and talk about them.  By now Beryl was sick of standing around and looking pretty and wanted to leave and I didn't get a photo of her looking anything but miserable, but I did get some nice photos of the other Greyhounds that were there.

Judy holding Fish and Nellie, Gail and Beryl, Jim and Corey
Beryl (I don't want to be here!)

Beryl and Snuffles, who is up for adoption

Gorgeous Corey who is adored by Jim and Wendy (wearing his new Aroundahound collar!)

The very handsome Fish, loved by Judy and Bryce

Lovely little Nellie, treasured by Gail, John and family
With tomorrow being Saturday there should be lots of general public at the show to see the show dogs and we're hoping there will be more Greyhounds there and lots of interest.  Maybe we can even find some who aren't black or black and white:-)  They do seem to be very popular in our area.  Beryl and I will go back again for a while.  It's very tiring doing something like this.  She's exhausted tonight.  We went for a walk at the park this afternoon so Frankie could have a good run.  Beryl didn't do much, she was quite happy to just wander along with me and relax.
This is more like it:-)


houndstooth said...

You got some great shots of the hounds! I hope you have good luck tomorrow. Our hounds are always really tired after events like that, too. By the time we head home after our trip next week, even Bunny will be exhausted!

jet said...

Barbie doesn't like being patted by lots of people. I haven't taken her to any meet and greets because she tends to get fed up really quickly. Would be nice to see some hounds in NZ that aren't black or grey. Lol. We have a lot of red brindles and blacks too. Not many fawns or blues.

Michelle said...

What a greyt day! Hope you have lots of luck tomorrow. :)

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