Sunday, October 3, 2010

Guess What?

Greyhounds do come in colours other than black or black and white in New Zealand:-)  At the GAP marquee on the last day of the National Dog Show in Feilding yesterday we had quite a few representatives of other colours.  We had Stretch
A very handsome, big lad!
Joey is extra special as he is not only not black but he was the 500th GAP Greyhound to be adopted:-)  He is loving pet life in an apartment in Wellington, our capital city.

And who could ignore Madam Shannon
who came up with a new party trick doing the limbo under Stretch:-)
She's a funny little girl:-)
3 non-black girls, Zoe, Shannon and Cilla (black brindle)
Belinda and her new foster dog, Luke
I've heard a whisper that Luke may not be leaving Belinda's, hmm, no pressure Belinda:-)
Anthony, Michelle, Rozzo and Cilla
Yes, Jade is black and white but I didn't get a photo of her on Friday as she and her new Dad, Anthony weren't there.  She is the sweetest little girl who has recently been adopted by Anthony, who now has 3 Greyhounds:-)  And his other 2 (Jazz and Leo) are gorgeous blue brindles so it's about time he had a black one!
There is a good reason for Jade having dirty legs, I will show why soon!
We were privileged to be asked to parade in the main ring while the announcer interviewed Michelle about GAP and the Greyhounds.  All the hounds took this in their stride, even those being handled by children they hadn't met before:-)  There was a lot of interest in the dogs and we're hoping adoptions and foster homes will follow.

And we had some excitement ... there was mechanical lure coursing for anyone to have a go at so most of us did just that!  Well, our dogs had a go:-)  And didn't they LOVE it!  Here's where I really wish I had a better camera but I think you'll get the gist of what's happening.
Beryl, Rozzo, Jade.
They had lost the lure, the girls saw it before Rozzo:-)
Look at Rozzo in the air!
Gooooo Beryl!!
Little Jade is flying!!
So this is why Jade was dirty, the ground was very wet and soggy, take a look at Beryl afterwards!
Snuffles, clean Nellie, dirty (but very happy) Beryl:-)
Lucy, Cilla and Shannon had a go at the coursing together and Louie did it in style by himself.  They had grins a mile wide after they'd finished!  I didn't get any photos of them as I was hanging on to Beryl and trying to get some video as well ... didn't work, lol!

Louie relaxing after his coursing:-)

Beryl wants to do it all again!
I think she enjoyed herself?
Beryl has hardly moved today, but I bet she'd do it again in a heartbeat if she could!
And now it's time for the Saturday Blog Hop, instructions can be found at Life With Dogs


jet said...

haha blues don't count! they are just blacks with a dilution gene! ;)

(they are my fav colour though)

Maddy the Puggle said...

Those are some beautiful greyhounds!!!! My cousin Danger is black and just as handsome :) Great pictures of them running-they look awesome!

houndstooth said...

You have a lovely rainbow of hounds today! lol They are all gorgeous!

We took our first pair to a reunion one year, and they had lure coursing there. It was like trying to hold on to a Tasmanian Devil on a leash! They go crazy when they hear that lure motor, that's for sure! Beryl looks so pleased with herself!

Thanks for sharing your exciting day!

Ellie said...

Oh my...... I LOVE greyhounds. Well, all sighthounds really. But I have a soft spot for greys. I'd love to adopt a retired racing greyhound someday. Preferably a black one!

whygreyhounds said...

Gorgeous array of colors and ya' gotta love those big Greyhound smiles !

Michelle said...

Lovely photos. They are all beautiful. I have never seen a black brindle.

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