Saturday, October 23, 2010

Does anyone else have a 'nibbler'?

When Beryl is happy she does squirmy nuzzles into me, when she's happy AND excited she does squirmy nuzzles and nibbles.  It's very cute and I love it ... but there is a problem.  The nibbles are fine in the cold weather when I've got lots of layers of clothes on but the weather is warming up (reluctantly!), I'm wearing a few less layers and the nibbles can pinch, lol!  It usually happens when I'm sitting at the computer and her head is right at boob height, which is probably better than when I'm standing up;-)  I'm very quickly into BOL position!  I start giving her a rough massage when this happens and that distracts her.  What do you do?

Short post tonight as it's Saturday Blog Hop time and also we're going on a GAP walk tomorrow afternoon and I will hopefully have some fun photos to share.  But before I do the Blog thing I'm going to include a few recent photos just because I can:-)

The Pretty Princess
She's got something yuckky in her mouth!!
Running for fun all by herself:-)
Frankie and his harem, but what is Lucy planning?
Gotcha, hehe!

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Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Hi :)
Saturday hopping :)
Love your pics... awesome dogs .

jet said...

Barbie only nibbles when I get home and she is super excited. She tries to grab my hands. I take my hands away and ignore but it doesn't seem to be helping much. She also jumps up. I can ignore her for a minute and she seems settled, and then she will jump at me front on! Crazy dog. Good thing she's not too heavy :P

Life With Dogs said...

I run for treats - it keeps those nibbling chompers at bay. Is there anything better than a squirmy nuzzle?

Sue said...

Had to smile at your boob nipper:) Apart from distracting her with a toy or treats, not sure what to say.

Love the photos. She sure is beautiful.

houndstooth said...

I usually just tell them "no" when they start knitting (that's what they call it over here) and gently move her head away so she can't make contact. Blueberry will get so excited that she chatters, and I think she could have been a knitter, but we just sort of don't give her the chance.

Beryl is as cute as ever! You are having some beautiful weather, it looks like!

Anonymous said...

Fabian's a nibbler, too. I'm a knitter, so I'll refrain from letting Fabian be one. We can only have one in the family.

The first time Fabian nibbled, I felt a sting. It wasn't a pinch. I looked down and my belly had a blister. I searched all over for what could have caused it. The next time he nibbled, I realised that he must have caused some friction. I had a blister, though. It was about the size of a pencil's eraser. No, even better. It was the size of a rubber. Tee hee hee. Yes, I'm just that mature.

Now I know what it is, I push him away or give him a plushy.

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