Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well, This Could Be Interesting?

One of the things I find a bit frustrating about blogging is communicating via comments.  For example, if someone asks me a question on my blog or makes a comment I'd like to reply to then I have to go to their blog and comment that way.  Or else answer them in my blog and hope they come back to check:)  And the same goes if I ask a question on another blog, I have to go back and see if they've replied.  All quite fragmented and time consuming!

So I'm trying this Intense Debate comment form which I think I've only really seen on Jet's Blog and it seems to work well.  I get an email of all the comments posted and I can easily keep track of what's going on there:)

Of course, this relies on bloggers wanting to know of any replies and further comments and if you do this will hopefully make it easy.

A couple of neat features which you can use in Intense Debate are emoticons and also it should show the title of the last blog written by the commenter.  I've seen both on other blogs but they're always Wordpress.

Which leads me to explaining something that's a bit confusing, to me anyway.  I've got a Wordpress account as before I got my blog going I didn't know if I would be with Wordpress or Blogger.  Obviously I decided on Blogger but Intense Debate wanted to use my Wordpress account to log in so I did and now I might have the Wordpress "W" by my Avatar (or is it Gravatar?).  Who knows, lol?  I don't yet.  Anyway, Greyhounds Can Sit is me with or without the "W".

Can I have some feedback on this please?  Do you like it or prefer the comments how they were?  If it doesn't work for you then I certainly want to know and you can send me an email via the little 'contact us' envelope in the bottom bar.  I'm interested in anything you're thinking about this 'improvement':)

And, you know me, there has to be at least one photo in a blog post of mine so here's one I took of Beryl at the river yesterday.

OK, here goes, I'm about to hit Publish!  Hopefully the whole thing won't crash and burn, lol!

When will I learn not to fiddle?  I uninstalled Intense Debate as it was causing some problems and now I don't have a comment box at all, grrr.  It's my own fault, I should know better, lol.  It has been interesting for me anyway!  Hopefully my blog will have it's comment box back soon ....
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