Sunday, February 6, 2011

It Was a Greyt Day for the Greyhounds:)

I was going to title this post "Well, bugger me!!" but I thought that's not very PC, lol.  Today Frankie, Beryl and I went to our local dog training club's obedience and rally O day.  I entered Beryl in Foundation Novice and Novice Zoom and Frankie in Foundation Novice and Foundation Zoom.  In Foundation (which is a new class) your dogs can wear halti type thingys and you can take food (in a sealed container) or a toy in the ring.  I was so expecting Beryl to NQ that the first thought that went through my head when I found out she had got a merit card was "Well, bugger me!!".  I won't tell you what I thought at the prize giving when our names were called out in 4th place. lol;)  And yes, there were quite a few more than 4 dogs entered!!  So my clever girl came home with
a lovely ribbon, a merit certificate (which will be framed:) and is exhausted!
Lucy excelled herself taking out 5th place in Advanced Novice, Louie got a merit certificate in Novice Zoom and Ellie and Chase got a merit certificate in Novice
Ellie and Chase
In November Ellie and Chase also got their Foundation CGC.  Ellie is only 10 and Chase is 3 so there's lots more they are going to achieve yet!  So we did pretty damn well I think:)

Some of you may be wondering about Frankie, how did he go, hmmm?  Well, Frankie's Mum managed to totally walk past a station in Foundation Novice, it was near the end and I'd already done the course with Beryl, duh!!!  And it was an easy one, just a sit.  He hadn't even NQ'd.  Then in Zoom I stuffed up the second spiral which was near the end again.  What chance has he got with me on the other end of the lead, lol.
I still luff ya Mum xxx
Carrying on from the Mystery Mutts post, there was a woman at the show today with a red Kelpie and I asked her if she thought Frankie had any Kelpie in him.  She said she'd been looking at him and wondering the same thing.  On meeting him she thought it was very likely.  People either think he's got Pittie in him or Kelpie, never a mix of both:)  I go with the Kelpie group and am inclined to agree with Helen from 4leggedwiums that he's Kelpie with maybe some AmStaff, a dash of Greyhound (he has a real affinity with them and they do know another Greyhound!) and who knows what else.  Yes, I could get a DNA test done but they're quite expensive and I've read on the internet about people who've had them done at multiple places and got totally different results back!

I'd like to thank everyone who commented about Frankie on the Mystery Mutts post.  Some interesting thoughts:)  I hope to get time tomorrow to get around most of the blogs in the Hop and do some more guessing on other people's Magical Mystery Mutts.

And I guess now would be a good time to join in on the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

You know the drill, pop over to Life With Dogs for the guidelines, grab the linky and enjoy!


Sue said...

Way to go Beryl. Frankie you did well considering your handler:) It's all experience. Next time I am sure you will come away with a sash as well.

Nanny McFur said...

aww, the pup looks worn right out from trying so hard.

houndstooth said...

Beryl, you look exhausted, but you deserve a rest after such a good showing!

Frankie, I think you'll get your mom trained eventually! Just keep at her!

I'm impressed that you guys did so well! Way to go!

Michelle said...

Congrats to you and Beryl! That is awesome. And Frankie, you get the ribbon for best smile. :)

4-legged Wiums said...

well done for the rally-o, that's awesome :-D Clever Beryl and Sue!
I so think Frankie has kelpie in him, Snoopy and I go to agility with a lady who has two, exact same colour as frankie, same ears and tail too :) But, it really doesn't matter eh? :)

jet said...

Ah but Frankie is all the more special for being a mystery mutt ;)

Anonymous said...

Well done, I want to get into some rally or something of the sort with luna eventually. But hope to finish up hunt training first.

I agree on the possibility of there being kelpie in Frankie. Totally possible.. As far as amstaff maybe, would lend to height I guess, but his color kinda takes me away from that. You don't often see the more chocolate/red/sage color in amstaffs/pits. Usually it's brindled or a fawn and he isn't really either. The coat is interesting, weird that it is single coat but changes so much depending on season. labs and chessies can have that sort of wavy hair, you often don't see it in single coated dogs.

I would say hold off on DNA, i have heard much of the same as you, one person even was told that there was such a mix of dogs they couldn't identify any.

Good luck with all your further training.

♥ Sallie said...

Hope to see you at our Valentine's Weekend Blog Party!


Kristine said...

Happy birthday to Frankie! And congrats on such a great weekend. It looks to me like you all did awesome. Trials are not easy things, even at the basic level. I have yet to screw up the courage to participate in one myself. So full bravery points to you!

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