Saturday, February 19, 2011

OMD - we did it again:)

What did we do again ... we went to the beach last evening:)  That's the second time this week for my two.  No, they're not spoilt, lol!  This time the kids and I had company.  Fatima bought along Louie and her foster dog, Snapper, and we stopped in at the GAP kennels and picked up Kenzo and Ellie (who is a human!).  We didn't see any seals but that didn't stop the kids from having fun.  Snapper (in the green muzzle) and Kenzo were in total Greyhound heaven!  I took heaps of photos so I'll let them tell you all about it ....
Snapper walking on water to save Frankie
Hmm, not a greyt success!
Probably the only time Kenzo took the lead:)
But he soon looked back for his mate, Snapper
As always, Frankie is a Greyhound Magnet:)
The obligatory "I'm Pretty" photo of the Princess:)
I'm coming Mum:)
She's enjoying the sea:)
Beryl hasn't swum yet.  I think she wants me to go out deeper with her, and I don't blame her.  She doesn't go in the sea above her ankles by herself:)  But she is getting way more comfortable in the waves.  Maybe next time I'll ditch the camera and go out further and see what happens.

Beryl leading the boys on a blat:)
Yes, Louie was there
Did we see a dolphin?
Or was it a humpback whale?
No, it was 2 Greyhounds and a pig dog, lol!
Shake, shake, shake:)
What's Ellie doing?
I'll help you Ellie:)
I'll save you Frankie!!!
Hmm, Snapper isn't getting any better at this, is he?
But wait, there's more!!  I took some video:)  But it's 3 minutes long as I wanted it for my 'memory box'.  So don't feel you HAVE to check it out.  It's probably a bit like having to sit through someone else's holiday videos:)

Yes, we all had a wonderful time and I know my kids slept very well last night:)  We can't wait to do it all again!!

Have a greyt weekend everyone.


Summer said...

Frankie you smexy beast you. No greyhound can keep their paws off you! Make all the girlie greyhounds swoon and boy greyhounds confuddled. =D


Hiking Hounds said...

The pictures and video are great! I can't wait for summer to get here. It's snowing right now.

houndstooth said...

I was all excited about getting up to 54 degrees today and you were at the beach! Color me more than a little green with envy!

It looks like the dogs all thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

4-legged Wiums said...

looks like fun!!! We love going to the beach :)

jet said...

Snapper is very bouncy!!! We went to the beach today as well and Barbie met a lot of friends. :)

Sue said...

It must be Frankie's aftershave:) He's irresistible to the girls:)

Looks like a fab time.

Aksharaa said...

We found you on Murphy's blog and came by to say 'Hello'.
What a lovely day at the beach...Sigh!Wish we could come over..we so love the water...

Beryl's collar is lovely..such a sunshiney colour:)
Bud, Gin n Shadow

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the weather to allow our pups back in the water. They are some serious fish, but it's still too cold for them to really spend any time in it.
Glad someone is having some H2O fun

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Jealous! Jealous!

I hope you guys are safe and sound. I heard there was an earthquake.

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