Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frankie (and Beryl's!) Birthday Treat:)

It was actually Frankie's unofficial birthday yesterday, Valentines Day ... I don't know his real birthday but it's around this time of year. And thanks Kristine (Rescued Insanity) for the birthday wishes for my boy:) But I was busy working and had CGC with Beryl  after work so it wasn't much of a day for Frankie.  Then I had an unexpected day off today so I asked Frankie if he wanted a party or a trip to the beach, and funnily enough he asked to go to the beach!  So we set off this morning to the nearest beach, about 30 minutes away.  It was a lovely morning, not too hot with a cool breeze.  We can't park at the beach but it's a fairly short walk along a sandy, primitive road (4WD only!) with interesting country on either side.

Frankie in his element:)
Beryl enjoyed it too ....

Yes, this is good:)
When we got to the beach it was deserted, yay!  We were wandering along and I was watching Beryl when I heard what I thought was a dog (not Frankie) bark and growl.  When I looked to see what was happening, it wasn't another dog that had barked at Frankie but a SEAL!!!

Look what I found, Mum!!
It's a funny dog
By this time Beryl had seen it ....

Whoa, WTF is that????
Whatever you are I don't like you!!
She was barking at it and not at all impressed.  I didn't get too close as I didn't want the kids to get any closer either and I didn't want the seal charging us!!

Beryl is still verbally abusing the seal!
Typical female, has to get in the last word as we walk away!
It was pretty uneventful after that little adventure.  We had some fun in the sea

Oooo, mind the waves, Beryl!
Look out Frankie!!
Hmm, Frankie can't hear me, no ears!!
Look at the power from Beryl!
Splashing around
We did get overtaken by some people on horses with 3 dogs!!  I managed to persuade my kids that we should get out of their way without any trouble.  Usually Frankie HAS to check out any dogs he hasn't met but I was glad he wasn't interested in these 3 just in case any of them took a dislike to him!

This looks like fun too:)
All in all I think Frankie enjoyed today much better than yesterday:)  And tonight Frankie and I went to Rally O training so both kids are pretty much exhausted.

And, good timing, a very roughly edited video I took today has finished uploading.  It's a bit longer than usual (2 mins) but it's probably worth checking out just for the last 30 seconds or so when Beryl takes off and runs for fun!  I love watching her galloping, just because she can, and enjoys it so much ....

Oh darn, I just realised I hadn't gotten rid of all my inane babbling on the video, lol!!  Oh well, I might re-edit tomorrow night and tidy it up a bit but in the meantime if you want to hear wind noise and me making even more noise have a look at this version;)

Right, it's past my bedtime.  I have got a funny, very random photo I took of Frankie today to put up for Wordless Wednesday so I hope you'll come back and have a look and suggest a caption for it:)

We hope everyone has had a lovely Valentines Day.  I got extra cuddles from the kids yesterday:)


Summer said...

Oh wow, looks like a heck of a time! Jealous much. =( You guys are so brave! The mommas say some dogs ENJOY water! I thought they were pulling a fast one on me, but I guess they were right.


Sue said...

As always fab photos. I love Beryls upright ears - so Egyptian looking. Even when Song's ears are up, the tops flop over:)

houndstooth said...

Totally, completely green with envy here! Not only do you live thirty minutes from the beach, you got see a seal, and you have video editing skills that I would sell a few body parts for! I have been working on a little fun video for a little while, but no way am I posting it now! Gah!

Thank you so much for sharing all the fun with us! :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

OMG about the seal. How unusual... at least where I live. :-) Love the video and photos. Looks like such a great place to play.

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