Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's a Bit Sad ...

On Sunday we went on a GAP (Greyhounds As Pets) walk with our local group.  It was wonderful to see some new people and dog faces and make some new friends and catch up with old friends.  The past few walks haven't been well attended with only 3 or 4 Greyhounds there but we had 11 this time and hopefully will get back up to the 20's before long!

The weather person smiled on us with a lovely late autumn afternoon and everyone enjoyed themselves:)  So you're probably wondering what was sad?  Well, since Beryl took a spill while running with her best Greyhound buddies a few days after she had her tail docked she hasn't and won't run with other Greyhounds.  While the other hounds were having a wonderful time on the walk doing this ...
Greyhound gallop
Beryl watched but wouldn't join in:(
She wanted to run with them and at one stage took off towards them but thought better of it and came back to me.  At least she will still run when she's by herself at the park and beach.  And I guess she had the last laugh in a way as only she, Monty (the Corgi pseudo Greyhound) and Babe were off lead most of the time:)  The other Greyhounds were newly adopted or foster dogs who went back on lead once we left the enclosed area.

A few of our new friends are
Cara (why can't I get a photo like this of Beryl?)
Troy(foster dog) meeting Beryl - shame the photo is a bit fuzzy.
Stanley with Monty
And here are some of the group in the fenced off area
After most of them had had a tear around we went down to the river
Then headed off back to the park area
Monty spent most of the time following Beryl around:)
I don't think she minded:)
The queue waiting to squeeze through the little hole in the fence - Chase and Stevie in front.
After the walk we were able to take our dogs to a local pub and sit in the outside area.  There used to be a wonderful cafe at the Domain where we do our walks but some idiots burnt it down late last year:(  So it was good to be able to have a sit, a chat and quench our thirst again.

On the right, Graham and his lovely girl, Tina
Cara, Horse and their Dads:)
Obviously this has been a fairly 'wordy Wednesday' but I thought I'd better get this written while I had the time and am in the mood!

Does anyone else find that they have to make a choice sometimes whether to write a blog post or go around and read other blogs?  I'm a bit behind with reading blogs but hopefully will catch up tomorrow night.  Seeya then!


4-legged Wiums said...

Awww poor Beryl :( she'll get there eventually and remember that it is fun to run with the pack again :)

Sue said...

Maybe Beryl will join in once she's gotten use to her tail loss.

Song and I were particularly taken with Stevie, him being another Blue.

gyeong said...

Hope Beryl's desire to run with the pack overcomes her fear. Sometimes I go weeks with updating my blog or reading others. You are much more diligent than I am.

Mad Red Hare said...

It is amazing how smart these hounds really are! Once they do something and get hurt, they don't forget it. We had a Dobie once who slipped on some ice on our front step. He never would walk on that step again. He would jump over them. Beryl is such a beautie!!!

hornblower said...

So - explain to me.... why do greys get muzzled when they're offleash? Do they lose their brains when they get zoomy & get aggressive? I've seen muzzled greys quite a lot & in fact, when I was looking at muzzles for one of my reactive dogs I was drooling at the pretty greyhound basket muzzles in various colors (alas, my girl has a fat face & wouldn't fit LOL).... but I'm curious about the WHY for dog which normally seem quite placid with each other.

Hiking Hounds said...

Aww, that's a bummer for Beryl. Maybe with some time and practice she'll get her groove back. I wonder what would happen if some of the other greys came to the beach to play. Maybe she would feel more comfortable running with them there. What a nice pub to hang out at with everyone.

jcp said...

Ah Beryl. Kassa and I have an idea of what your are going though. Dealing with change in circumstance doesn't happen overnight. You still look fantastic! (just so you know). It's so great to have groups of hounds and peeps to get together with. @hornblower.. My take is that greys are raised with muzzles for their safety. Sometimes kennels have 30 dogs or more in them. If you get 10 dogs running at 30-40mph and a collision happens, tempers/prey drive can flare and its better to be safe then sorry. Grey's are truly fantastic dogs all around.

Kristin G. said...

I feel like I stay behind, but I love catching up on the blogs, and seeing what everyone is up to. I'm feeling really out of the loop about Beryl's tail. I might have to search your archives on that. I love little Monty following Beryl around, and that animal print collar is really cool! Happy Wednesday!

houndstooth said...

I do sometimes have to decide between writing and keeping up with other blogs. I try to save Sundays to get a lot of my writing done, at least through Wednesday or Thursday, and then work in the last two or three of the week when I get some time.

You definitely met some stunner hounds! Really, though, I've never met an ugly one!

Do you know someone with a rather calm Greyhound or two that Beryl could get together with? She might feel more confident running with just one or two other hounds instead of a large group.

Kristine said...

I often feel like I have that chouce to make. It isn't an easy one! I love reading blogs and connecting with others but I also know it is important to post regularly. It's a mental battle to be sure.

It looks like you and Beryl had a wonderful time at the weekend event! Does Beryl now have a boyfriends? ;-)

rottrover said...

What a fantastic event!! I love that the corgi thinks he's a greyhound!! And yes, I read/comment much more than I post, but really enjoy doing the posts!

Rottie Kisses

Suzanne said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful event. Such, great photos! I'm sorry to hear Beryl is hanging back from running with the pack. I hope she works through her fears soon.

Suzanne said...

PS. The metal muzzles you use are really interesting, especially that they cover only half of the face. We use full-face plastic ones during our playdates. I have had to put moleskin on the upper portion to keep them from rubbing on noses. Do the hounds ever slip out of the ones you are using?

BZ Training said...

What wonderful pictures! I'm forever trying to juggle writing and reading, but who needs sleep, anyway. :P

georgia little pea said...

too sad about Beryl.

the one thing I most notice about these pics is that the greys have muzzles on them, just like over here. i don't remember EVER seeing muzzles in your pics :(

to answer your last question - YES!!!

i've put aside my vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms for today so i could write a somewhat impromptu post. now on to reading some. my neck is aching already *sigh*

Trude said...

Came here from Rescued Insanity - love your dogs! Hopefully Beryl gets back into running with the pack, but as long as she's happy.. :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yay! I can comment again!!!

Yes, I am always behind in reading blogs and now I'm behind on my own posts and writing. Dang it!!!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, poor Beryl indeed!! It is very sad not to see a greyhound running but perhaps she just needs time to get her confidence back - she still enjoyed some off-leash exploring and looks like she had a good time anyway!

Oh - and I so totally know what you mean about the blogging Vs. blog visiting dilemma!! I'm always agonising over that! This week I've sacrificed visiting in order to blog as we're getting so backed up with posts which is why I'm only catching up now! :-)


Anonymous said...

That looks like such a great meeting. I'd love to take part in something like that. Unfortunately, there aren't many whippet/greyhound owners in our area, so there isn't much chance for this to happen.
It's a shame that Beryl's got a psychological block about running with other greyhounds. Still, she seems to have enjoyed herself, so that's all that matters.

I quite like the look of Stevie, I love blue dogs in general, but blue sighthounds are simply irresistible.
Also, Cara looks a bit small for a pure greyhound. Has she got some whippet in her?

Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.


Grey Lady said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. My girl will run with the group until she starts getting the greyhound bump from others. My boy is usually the one doing the bumping. He quite enjoys it.

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