Saturday, June 11, 2011

More About Muzzles - And Passing on The Award:)

My last post about muzzles and tails provided some very interesting comments, thank you:)  I'll answer a few questions here.

A Couple of Misfits wonders if Beryl ever seems at a loss without her tail.  She is used to not having a tail now but in the early days she often looked around as if she was wondering where it was hiding!  And her balance was off for a while, her turns weren't as slick and she crashed into me a few times til she worked out how to adapt her running.

Her tail hair has grown back into a cute little point ... but only on the bottom, lol.  I'm very tempted to even it up with scissors but I'll leave it and see what happens:)

Hsin-Yi, Honey The Great Dane's Mum, wonders how Beryl gets on playing with other types of dogs and if they hurt her skin.  She doesn't actually play with other dogs like she does with Frankie and her BFF, Lucy.  She tends to keep her distance as I don't think she really knows how to play.  And she plays rough so I'm glad she is a spectator:)

Beryl playing fetch with smaller dogs.

Beryl dealing to Frankie!
And this question made me think about Greyhounds being adopted by people who already have another dog or dogs.  Obviously nobody wants to keep their other dog muzzled so they don't hurt their Greyhound.  There are many, many people who have a Greyhound with other dogs, and I would say injuries are extremely rare.  I know in Frankie's case he has extremely good bite inhibition and also if a tooth touches Beryl he gets told off in no uncertain terms!  I'm sure he's got a lot more loose skin around the neck and throat from it being grabbed and pulled, lol.  

One thing I didn't mention in the previous post and House of Carnivores brought it up in the comments is a muzzles' usefulness when bringing in a new Greyhound to a house with a cat.  Even if the Greyhound is cat friendly it is advisable to keep it muzzled for the first week or so when the cat and Greyhound are together (never unsupervised, of course!).  Everybody is relaxed then and it makes introductions and acceptance much easier:)

Also, if your Greyhound does have an injury that normally would require an Elizabethan collar to prevent it being licked or stitches pulled out then a plastic muzzle is probably even better.  I did read somewhere that the Elizabethan collars aren't a great success with Greyhounds due to the shape of their head and it being so narrow.  Has anyone had experience with them and could shed some light?

Then there are those dogs who eat their own poop!  Thankfully I've never had one but a plastic muzzle would be useful in that situation.  Never Say Never Greyhounds has a post here showing Riley wearing a plastic muzzle with a 'poop guard' to stop her licking an injured foot.

I think that's enough about muzzles unless someone comes up with a new query:)

Remember in the last post I told how we'd been given 2 Versatile Blogger awards?

Well, the rules that come with it are that you are to state 7 things readers don't know about you.  I'm going to cheat and change it to 7 things readers might not know and that can include the bits about muzzles and  Greyhounds with other dogs and I'll add 3 things you probably don't know about us -

1) I really don't like making phone calls.  I don't mind people ringing me though:)

2) Frankie enjoys lying on my lap upside down and looking at us in the mirror opposite where I sit at the computer.  He can also see out of the lounge room window at the same time.

3) Our DWTDS videos are taken, won't inspire anyone to have a go but may get a few giggles:)  I might have another go tomorrow before I put all the furniture back in my dining room and see if we can improve things a bit:)

And you're supposed to pass the award on to 15 other blogs you consider to be Versatile Bloggers.  The recipients who pick up and pass on the award can choose whichever colour award they prefer:)   So here goes in no particular order ...
BZ Training - lots of great photos, photography tips and 2 gorgeous Golden Retrievers
Little Dogs On Long Leashes - possibly the only other blog that includes a pig dog, Frankie admires Georgia Little Pea from afar:)
House of Carnivores - Argos, the Greyhound, who lives with quite a few cats!
Pet Blogs United - who do a great job bringing attention to lots of pet blogs and feature Oskar, the Schnauzer
Cult of The Greyhound - wonderful photos of lots of lovely Greyhounds
Loving Life With Hounds - who I see have just shifted from Blogger to Wordpress and this is the link to their new site.  Fun with 4 Greyhounds, great photos and quite a few adventures
Something Wagging This Way Comes - featuring Honey, another Golden Retriever.  Lots of thought provoking posts here.
It's a Greyt Day - simply stunning photos of Greyhounds and other dogs.  But check it out soon as this site is going to move in the near future!
Terri's Knit Blog - 2 beautiful Greyhounds, scrumptious cooking and interesting knitting.  Truly a Versatile Blog!
Why Greyhounds - hopefully an award will spur WG to post more often;)  Adventures with Rex, a Greyhound, and his young brother Rastus, a Kelpie
Genjis Corner - it amazes me how these bloggers get time to blog!  They go to the most wonderful wine festivals that let them include their Greyhounds and put up great photos of dogs and people having the best time:)
My Little Dog - lovely photos and stories of the very handsome and clever George the Whippet.
Dogs Rock!! - a very stylish blog with more wonderful photos of 2 gorgeous Whippets and a lovely Greyhound, and tales of their adventures.

I know that's only 13 but I've got lots of new blog posts to read from looking at my blog roll and I'm going to do that after I've joined in on the Saturday Pet Bloggers Hop:)

Details can be found at Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Life With The Plume.  Enjoy your weekend everyone:)


ashley said...

poor spider had to wear an elizabethan collar, vet wouldnt let us leave till we got one, poor thing couldnt even get into his kennel or through doors with one on,
he needed a giant one cuz of his long head. we ended up borrowing a plastic muzzle as i only had wire ones.
plastic muzzle was much better than the elizabethan collar

Pamela said...

Thank you for the versatile blogger award! I'm very honored. And more than a little embarrassed because I haven't been writing thought-provoking posts lately--just riddles.

I'll pass it along just as soon as I can.

I've loved reading your answers to greyhound questions. We see a couple of greyhounds at the dog park who don't really play much. They just survey the grounds in a princely fashion.

I assumed they were rescues (we have a big greyhound rescue in the area that takes retired racing dogs) who never learned how to play.

But now, I'm wondering if their trying to protect their delicate complexions from all the other hooligan dogs in the park. Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to ask them one day.

K-Koira said...

Its sometimes hard to have a dog with super delicate skin that loves to play rough. Koira sometimes comes back from the park looking like a weedeater got to her.

K-Koira said...

Its sometimes hard to have a dog with super delicate skin that loves to play rough. Koira sometimes comes back from the park looking like a weedeater got to her.

Mad Red Hare said...

I tried the e-collar once. It is definitely NOT designed for greyhounds. So I do use the muzzle with the stool guard on to keep them from getting to an injury.

Kristin G. said...

Wow!! Thanks for sharing the award with us! I enjoyed your post about muzzles and such. It's good to explain their purpose, as they can look intimidating to someone who isn't familiar with the hounds. Our greyhound, Roxie, has been with us for 10 years, and hasn't been prone to injury at all, thankfully. In her younger days, she played rough with other dogs too, and very boisterous! I'm glad she's mellowed a bit from those days. She always had a low-prey drive, but her behavior still made me nervous, as if someone was going to get injured.

Anyway, thanks again for including us in your award selections! It was good to learn more about you, and I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm not big on talking on the phone either (incoming/outgoing calls,) but I blame that partly on being on the phone a lot at work.
Happy weekend to you, Frankie and Beryl!!

Hiking Hounds said...

That's really interesting that Beryl had to adjust after losing most of her tail. I can definitely understand why though. Zephyr and Astro are very energetic and rough players. They love other dogs too, but some dogs get a little scared when confronted with a large bouncing beast. :-) They are very mouthy when they play too, luckily both have great bite inhibition. I love all the green grass you have to play on. Great pictures!

gyeong said...

Thanks so much for the award. Very honored. I'm not a very prolific blogger, so I'm glad people check back every now and then to see what's new.

Sue said...

Love the photos.

I think Greys are very versatile dogs and can adapt to most situations.

georgia little pea said...

i wish i had more time to read this very interesting post. i got as far as Beryl adjusting to her new tail [or lack of]. afraid i will have to run now. waiting for cab! YAY!

so thank you for passing the Versatile on to our blog. GLP [bless her lack of cotton socks] is busy being miserable [already, apparently, story to follow after we get back] so i will have to graciously accept on her behalf :)

have a great week! xox

houndstooth said...

I've never even bothered with the Elizabethan collars! We just go straight to the muzzle with the stool guard. Much to Lilac's disgust, I might add. They also come in handy at nail trimming time. I don't know what it is about the muzzle, but they become a lot more agreeable when it goes on while we're trimming nails. I also take ours along if we have a dog in pain and we're going to the vet. I know they deal with dogs in pain on a regular basis, and dog bites are something they all experience, but I feel better muzzling them when there's a chance they might act out of character due to pain or fear.

You have a great list of blogs for the award!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you followed on the muzzle subject, there's a lot of misunderstanding out there when it comes to sighthounds (and probably other breeds) wearing muzzles. I think it's great you're raising awareness that muzzles are not only for agressive, out-of-control dogs.

I love that photo of Beryl and Frankie playing rough. George loves a bit of rough playing, too, but it's usually his dad who has to deal with it, as he hasn't got a dog sibling. I have, however, whippets playing together, and to someone who's not familiar with the breed, it would most likely look like they're killing each other.

Thank you so much for the award. I am both surprised and honored...I'll pass it on as soon as I've thought of interesting things to share about us :) I think I'll go for the yellow one...

Paula said...

my greyhound Riley will DEVOUR his own poop if its not picked up immediately. He sometimes waits for me to turn or pay attention elsewhere and WHAM snack attack.... its disgusting.

You think he would learn that poop snacking = a hearty dose of Pepto Bismol ... but nope he's a poop eater

Michelle said...

Congrats to you on your award, very well deserved indeed!! Thank you for the award. We are very honored!! :) The hounds send a Roo thank you to you!

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