Sunday, January 23, 2011

Greyhounds V Other Breeds

I'm not sure what to call this post as it's not a fight!  I've just been wondering what draws other people to certain breeds of dog.  There are so many to choose from how did/do you decide what is the right breed for you?  And then there are the muttley (Frankie type) dogs, where I guess it's often a case of falling in love with a particular dog at the SPCA or where ever.  I got Frankie from an auction site.  The time wasn't really right for me to get a dog but the sad expression in his eyes, skinniness and unattractiveness kept drawing me back to his post and photos again and again and finally, a few hours before his post finished I emailed his rescuer to see if he was still available.  Obviously he was but I had to pass a home check before he could come and live with me.  And a week or so later I met him and really fell in love.  The ugly duckling in the photos had turned into a swan after a few weeks in foster care.
Such a sad boy:(
Just a bit happier now?
When my thoughts turned to getting him some company as I'm away from home for around 12 hours a day during my busy time at work (now!) I didn't really have a breed of dog in mind.  I used to breed and show Shelties.  Absolutely wonderful little dogs but I'm past looking after a long coated dog and they do have a tendency to like the sound of their own voice which was OK when I lived in the country but not a good idea now that I'm in town.  And I didn't think their nature would gel all that well with Frankie.  Then there were JRT's.  My ex-husband had custody of our 2 (although little Katie died a year ago today, RIP sweetie, we miss you) and just Josh is left to look after my ex in his old age.  And he is so good.  A really special little dog.  But he and Frankie aren't buddies, which has a lot to do with Josh thinking I am still his Mum (which I am, of course!) and I shouldn't have another dog!!!  And there is the matter of all the white hair which seems to constantly shed!
Katie and Josh as youngsters
By this time we'd met Fatima and Rachel and they had begun serious fostering for GAP (Greyhounds as Pets), and Frankie and their own little girl, Lucy, had fallen in love.  Frankie enjoyed the company of all the foster dogs to a greater or lesser degree and there were none he didn't get on with.  My thoughts started to swing to getting a little female Greyhound, I'd never had a 'big' dog and didn't think a big Greyhound would fit in my house, lol!  Although I've long had a hankering for a black standard Poodle, but then there's the coat thing again.  Well, my first thought when I saw Beryl in the flesh was OMG, she's huge!!!  She's actually an average sized female but next to Lucy she looks big:-)
Lucy and Beryl
Standing next to Louie - not so big:)
And when Beryl curls up she's about the size of a pillow!

Anyway, we're all living happily ever after and I guess I just kind of slid into Greyhounds without realising it to begin with.  But you know what ... I'd never want to be without one now!  So I guess they're my breed.  Beryl is perfect for me/us at this time in my life.  Sometimes I'll meet another Greyhound and I think hmmm, if I didn't have Beryl ... but then I get back with Beryl and I slap myself for having such a terrible thought.  Part of me would really love another Greyhound but the sensible part of me says 2 dogs are enough for 1 person to look after physically and financially.  And I really don't want to share myself with another dog, if that makes sense.

A very good reason for getting a GAP Greyhound again is that I'd be giving a good (hopefully Frankie and Beryl would say GREYT!) home to a Greyhound who needs one.  So many people don't realise what wonderful pets they make.  I didn't until I got Beryl.  She's way better than I thought she'd be.

Another good reason for getting a Greyhound is the Greyhound community!  I've met so many lovely people and hounds since getting Beryl.  

OK, that's more than enough of me waffling on.  I'd love to hear how you came to have your particular breed/s of dog and what you love about them and how they suit you:-)

And it's Saturday Blog Hop time again.

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whygreyhounds said...

WOW, Frankie looks fantastic now compared to that photo! He is a lucky boy indeed!

Great question I think we all ponder when we are getting a new dog! I have always picked on temperament rather than breed thou I admit I like short-haired over long so have tended to go with short-haired breeds....I do all the housework!

I just love our Greyhound! They have a great temperament, are gentle, docile, and easy to clean (Thanks to that wonderful short hair!)

Our 2nd dog now, a Kelpie, well, they are just a great temperament, short hair is easy to keep and live to work thus doing canine sports is a 'hoot' with them!

I am not 'breed-specific' really so just look for attributes I think will 'fit in' with our lifestyle. We have an outdoorsy life so tend to like short haired, energetic, lively personality dogs....

houndstooth said...

Aww, Frankie!

Getting a Greyhound was a perfect compromise in what hubby and I both wanted in a dog, and we knew it the moment we met one in person! A few weeks later, Treat was ours, and I cannot imagine not having a Greyhound in my life.

But, you know, since we added Morgan this summoer, I can't really imagine not having a Shepherd, either. There's a certain intensity and devotion to them, while the Greyhounds are more aloof. The more I've gotten to know the breed, the more I've come to love them. Morgan would protect me with her last breath, and would probably protect Bunny just as fiercely.

That being said, I still think Greyhound people are the very best!

Aragon greyhounds said...

Funny you asked why certain people get a breed and they are with that breed for life. I have often wondered the same thing. Not sure what makes someone pick a breed. I have had a dachshund and an Afghan before I fell into the greyhound breed as a fluke. Now I can't imagine my life without them.

ros said...
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ros said...

Great post and fantastic question. Our family has always had Labradors first there was nico who was my dads dog when he was a boy she was beautiful girl we have video of us crawling over her when we were babies. Then we got max a yellow lab from a rescue but due to certain issues we had to give max away to another family who kept him till he died. Then we got Angus when he was three he used to belong to our grandma but one Christmas she had an accident he came to live with us. Then a few years later for my birthday we brought home Milo as a seven week old puppy from a breeder. This how we came to love the breed called the Labrador retriever.

Sue said...

Always wanted a Greyhound. When I had to have my JR pu to sleep, I decide that I would go to the other extreme and finally get a Greyhound. Best thing I ever did. For me as I have mobility problems, the fact they don't need long walks is perfect.

I never tire of telling people how perfect a Greyhound is:)

Hiking Hounds said...

Frankie is so sweet in the first picture, poor guy. He looks great and so happy now. I decided I wanted a greyhound almost 20 yrs ago, but I waited about 15 yrs. before getting one. Just had to wait for the right time. What got me was their personality. It actually took me a bit to get used to their long lean looks, I was used to the rounder dogs. :-) But the personality couldn't be beat, and a greyhound is the only dog I considered. Of course now I think they are the most beautiful things on earth. I have to admit I like the standard poodles too, and now the thought has even entered my mind that some day I might have one. I would also like a basic mixed breed someday too. But I will always have a greyhound too.

jet said...

I got Bender because a friend of mine had a litter of puppies she was bottle feeding. She lived 600ks north of me so I never met him, I just told her I wanted the biggest boy, and she delivered him to my doorstep at about 7 weeks old.

Bender seemed to like Greyhounds. I also liked them. Their speed and their soft coats and their calm tempraments. Barbie isn't really the calm princess like greyhound that many people think she is. She has a wild side and likes to play rough, but we picked her for compatibility with Bender and she had to be able to stand up to him and play his games.

Kristine said...

Before I started blogging I thought greyhounds were such high-energy, high-maintenance dogs. Clearly I was very very wrong. Now I would actually consider adopting one eventually. I think their personality would get along very well with my Shiva. Though maybe not the cat. ;-)

It's funny how life turns out. Never anything like we plan. Frankie is such a beautiful boy and I am so glad you found him.

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