Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We Went to the Beach Yesterday:)

No work for me yesterday and a lovely day for a trip to the forest/dunes/beach for me and the kids.  We met up with my girlfriend and 1 of her Shelties and headed off.  We start in the forest, head out through the sand dunes which have quite a lot of pine trees on the edge and Frankie AND Beryl went hunting!!  Frankie always does but this was the first time Beryl had joined him.  She eventually emerged grinning with her tail tip bleeding a little.  She'd obviously done some tail bashing while she was in there.  I took quite a few photos but didn't get any 'stunners' and none at the beach as I didn't want to take my camera in the sea in case I got bowled over!  As it was Beryl was doing so much splashing around it would have got wet anyway, lol.  She had a great time frolicking in the waves.  But I know I wasn't as much fun as another Greyhound would have been!

So ... here are a few photos of our morning
Beryl wonders why Connie isn't puffing?  
Beryl mooching, Frankie on a mission!
The only other person and dog we saw!  A trainer and his Greyhound:)
Hmm, what's over there?
Going up to explore!
Coming back to Mum:)


That's a pretty steep dune after lots of running!  
Frankie checking up on us, top left corner:)
Beryl coming over to us, Feral Frankie off on another mission!
Beryl admiring the view
Thanks for that, Connie, I had a wonderful time:)
And I took a little bit of video of Beryl trotting around on the dunes then doing a great recall which finished with her crashing into me, lol.  I affectionately called her a bitch, lol!  Truly!

I hope everyone is having a great week.  And thanks for all the comments on my last post.  I'll be 'replying' to some of them in a post soon:)


Sue said...

Hope Beryls tail is ok.

Fab photos. I love seeing your dogs and especiall the beautiful Beryl. She is a stunner.

What a fab area to walk in.

I can't get the vid to play at the moment, but I'll call back in later and trthen.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

What a fun place to play! I'm jealous!

Corbin said...

So jealous... we have a heat wave going on... it's almost 30 degrees :o)

Barbara said...

Don't hurt your tail!! I love how she "trots" like she has tiny legs!

ros said...

What lucky puppies you are to have such an amazing place to go for walkies you look like your having so much fun exploring. The Photos are fantastic. We hope your tail gets better soon beryl from Angus & Milo

houndstooth said...

It looks beautiful there! I would disagree, I think you did get a few stunners. Her white tail tip sure shows off her little tail mishap! lol The girls here are all willing to come over and have a run with Beryl!

Kristine said...

Totally awesome video, dude. :-) The music made it perfect.

What a gorgeous day! I can't think of a better way to spend a day off than at the beach with my dog.

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