Saturday, March 12, 2011

Keeping Up Appearances!

Quite a few years ago now there was a wonderful English comedy series shown on TV here in New Zealand called Keeping Up Appearances.  The star of the programme was a middle aged character called Hyacinth Bucket ... pronounced Bouquet:)  She had great pretensions of grandeur and class but always let herself down in an extremely funny manner.  If you ever see a DVD of the series it's well worth watching:)

What has this got to do with me and the kids, you may be wondering?  Well, I've been ever so gently chastised by a couple of my lovely readers for letting down my classy Princess by putting up photos of her in a collar that didn't match her tail bandage!!  Funnily enough (!) she actually does have a collar that matches her bandage perfectly and I had thought she should be wearing it but was too lazy to change the collars over.  However I quickly rectified matters and proudly present my lovely Princess in a matching ensemble this time:)

Better late than never I suppose, Mum:)
Right profile
Left profile
And my girl can still run with a big smile on her face:)  At this area of the river there is a decent strip of lovely sand and the other night, when she very purposefully strode away from me, I knew she was going to turn and race towards me:)  I just had time to get my camera out and turn it on but not really time to zoom in and focus but I got a couple of photos of her in action!

Go Beryl!!
And again:)
She's loving it:)
It does my soul so much good to see her running and enjoying herself:)

And it's Saturday again and you know what that means ... Blog Hop time!

For the instructions visit any or all of the 3 co-hosts Life With DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of The Plume.  Have a wander around and make new friends:)


Summer said...

Looking good Beryl! Perhaps the loss of tail has made you even faster. A blessing in disguise! Well I'm sure you must've been extremely embarrassed,what with the previous fashion fiasco. At least it's all rectified and you're back to being the fashion diva that you are. =)


Hiking Hounds said...

Yea, she is so happy and looking super fine too! I like the way she gave us the still poses before the action shots. A true super model. ;-)

Sue said...

So glad she isn't missing her tail.

Loving the colour co-ordination with the collar and bandage:)

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Ah, that's just gorgeous! And what a lovely colour for her, too!

Don't you just love to see them run? Of course, with Sid, my heart is in my mouth in case he puts that single back foot down wrong. He wiped out once in front of me and it's not an experience I want to repeat! He was OK apart from bruising and a torn dew claw but oh, that scream! Turns your blood cold, doesn't it?

hornblower said...

Keeping Up Appearances is a show that my entire family loves! We have all the DVD's and they've had a lot of play. Poor long suffering Richard :-)

& my Daisy is named after *that* Daisy. My dh keeps talking about getting a huge mastiff & calling him Onslow. LOL

Beryl looks lovely & happy!

sagechronicles said...

That looks like a smile of pure joy in the last picture! Great zoommie shots.

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