Sunday, March 27, 2011

Are Greyhounds Really That Lazy?

One of the common misconceptions about Greyhounds is that they need a lot of exercise.  I wrote about this in my post about Greyhound Myths.  People who have Greyhounds are quick to say that Greyhounds are really 40mph couch potatoes and are lazy.

Now Beryl does like to laze around and she can do it in various ways
She can spread out on the couch
She can sleep on the mattress and the floor at the same time:)
Although Frankie can do that too;)
She can use Frankie as a foot rest!
And sleep cuddling him - although Frankie's hoping she's not going to strangle him!
She can curl up into a tiny ball
She can rest and smooch with Frankie on their cot mattress, awwww!
But most of these photos also include Frankie and no-one would ever call him a couch potato or lazy!!  And I don't consider Beryl to be lazy either.  I consider her to be 'easy':)  She likes to be in the thick of things but if there's nothing happening, well, why not have a snooze.  It's way better, as far as I'm concerned, than looking for some mischief or annoying me for some action!  A few minutes ago she came to see what I'm doing and see if I could be persuaded to take them for a walk.  When the answer was not now she was happy to have a bit of a cuddle and go back to snooze on my bed:)  That is a very easy type of dog to have around and since getting Beryl Frankie has calmed down a lot, although he might have anyway as he's 3 now.

It's very easy to get photos showing Beryl sleeping but running, now that's a different story. A lot of photos turn out like this
Would have been a nice photo if it was in focus!
Faster than a speeding bullet!
And then there are the photos of grass, a tail, a head etc.  It isn't easy getting good photos of a running Greyhound:)

This isn't quite what I have in mind:)  But at least it's in focus, lol.
And it's easy to get pretty photos of a Greyhound standing
Beryl enjoys the beach:)
But hey, if it was easy it wouldn't be a challenge and so very satisfying when you get that great shot.  I don't appear to have any to show you yet though, lol!

Do you think your Greyhound is lazy?


jet said...

yep, Barbie is lazy! Bender will go outside and sniff around and jump on the fence, Barbie sleeps... and sleeps some more...

rottrover said...

I find it very difficult to get potos of my rotties except when they're being lazy... And they can't run 40 mph!! Love the 'faster than a speeding bullit' pic!!

24 Paws of Love said...

I would have thought that Greyhounds are hyper, but since I know noting of the breed, I am only guessing. With all that speed burning in them, it's hard to believe they actually sit down, let alone lay down. :)

Mad Red Hare said...

Oh my! Do I think my greyhounds are lazy? You bet I do. I think they would lay on the couch to eat their dinner if I would let them! Some pretty good pictures you got there!

houndstooth said...

I tend to think more like you do, that they're easy more than lazy. I think there are different degrees, though. I mean, I wouldn't ask our fifteen and a half year old hound to do much of anything. She's just not able to go too far. Now, Blueberry is a bit lazy. It's one of the reasons she doesn't go hiking with us all the time. She just won't keep going. Bunny is a little dynamo, though, and she's quite a trooper. She will keep going just about forever!

georgia little pea said...

Hello neighbour :p

40mph couch potatoes *hehe* that's funny. There are so many lovely pictures here - I can't decide which I like most but my faves have to be cuddle/strangle, footrest and sunbath. Who would have thought a pigdog could be such a sook? I wish I could send Georgia over for some training on how to be a footrest.

Have a greyt [okay, I couldn't resist that] day!

P.S. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts in my last post. I'm grateful for everything I read and learnt :)

Sue said...

I certainly wouldn't call Song lazy. She still races round my dad's garden like she was on the track. Ok the rest of the time she's usually asleep, but even the top athletes sleep:)

Lauren said...

When I've read about the average amount of hours that Greyhounds sleep per day, I believe the number is 18 hours. But, I know that Bernie - and Beryl too, by these photos - are really trying to top that number!

I argue that Greyhounds are one of the - if not THE - laziest dog breed there is! :-D

Grey Lady said...

I would say that my girl, Maggie, is a little lazy. She will walk in the morning but not at night. My boy, Panther, will walk whenever I call for him. He loves to run about the yard. Each grey is so different. That is what makes them special. Frankie looks to be very patient with Beryl. :)

Hiking Hounds said...

The picture of Franky and Beryl smooching is really sweet!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Ha! Yes, my greyhound is lazy. LAZY. L.A.Z.Y. Yes, he is.

He's ready to go for a walk, but even more ready to snooze. If we keep him standing for more than five minutes, he shuffles his feet, more than ten and he'll lie down on the spot. Does he want to be in the thick of things at home? NO. He wants only to sleep nearby. ROFL!!

Three out of my five have been lazy and Renie was the laziest dog I know. She often had an 'If I must ... ' expression when asked to go out, and if she was off lead over the fields and a rabbit popped up a few yards away and took off, my old greyhound Jack would chase it (and want to play when he caught up) but young Renie would just prick her ears and perhaps take a couple of trotting steps but then fall back into a walk again and let her older buddy do all the work!!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

By the way, I describe them as 'easy' dogs too. It's one reason I love them so much, they are easy, and they are also peaceful to have around - much like cats in many ways.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Ha! Ha! We get EXACTLY the same things said about Danes - well, in our case, people think becuase of the big SIZE, they'll need lots of exercise!! But I love the same things you do - that they're game for anything but if nothing is happening, they'll happily take themselves off somewhere for a snooze and not get up to mischief themselves or keep pestering you. It's one reason I would have trouble having another breed (other than a Greyhound, I suppose - but they haven't got the jowls & wrinkles! ;-) ) - it's hard to find another dog breed that's so easy going and "flexible"! :-)


Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - and yeah, Honey sleeps 18hrs a day too- yes, we counted!!!

Anonymous said...

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