Sunday, July 25, 2010

Greyhound walk:-)

Beryl and I are going for a walk with other GAP greyhounds shortly.  Should be fun.  I took Frankie down to the park for a walk earlier so he isn't left out.  He can't go with the greyhounds as we call him the 'greyhound magnet' and he'd be mobbed and probably a bit overwhelmed by them all.  I'm taking my camera:-)

The walk was 'greyt'!  Awesome weather, about 20 hounds and 2 non-greyhounds.  Plenty of places for supervised off-leash running, sniffing and playing.  After the walk we stopped at the dog-friendly cafe and relaxed for a while and talked greyhounds while the dogs soaked up the experience.  I didn't take many photos as the dogs were usually too far away but here are a few ...

Walking to the cafe
The lovely Leo

Stevie, who is having her first show soon:-)

Beryl with Ellie and Chase in the background
We are all looking forward to the next GAP greyhound get-together:-)


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yes they can sit!

Berylsmum said...

Your greyhounds can do a lot more than sit! Totally awesome training and dogs:-)

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