Monday, May 16, 2011

More Doggie Dancing Training Videos:)

With less than 4 weeks to go and lots to do I thought I'd better do another video when we had a training session early this evening. Beryl and I really should have gone to CGC class but it's a miserable night out there and after her training session she finally seemed ready to have a sleep! So I thought we'd stay home and I'd edit some video instead:)

This was done after she'd had her tea, lucky for me she's very food motivated. On the minus side she is reluctant to do anything if it's unrewarded, lol. Our training session was way too long, I took 10 minutes of video! But she was on fire tonight and she gave herself a couple of breaks when she got bored, although they didn't last more than a few seconds.

I made 2 videos, the first one is of her 'marching' progress plus a couple of other things we're working on. The second one is a few bloopers and also showing how a new trick can be shaped by making the most of opportunities as they arise:)

A few of you might be thinking things would go a whole lot quicker if Frankie wasn't there and you might be right, but they are used to doing training like this. It's mostly Beryl being trained and Frankie getting treats for staying out of the way. Plus, Frankie isn't quite himself at the moment, a bit  subdued for him and I don't know why. But I do know that if he was shut away he'd be miserable.

Anyway, if Blogger lets me, here are the videos, hopefully for your enjoyment:) Comments, questions and constructive criticisms are welcome! Oh, and be prepared, I never shut up during either of them, lots of high pitched praise, I even jump up and down myself at one stage, lol. I'd love to put music over me rabbiting on but then you wouldn't hear the clicker, which is hard enough to hear anyway with my enthusiastic YES at the same time. Which is because I don't always have a clicker on me when we're training as I do a lot of it when we're on our walks at the river and Beryl doesn't know she's being trained then:)


Sue said...

Love both vids:)

jet said...

Barbie learned the 'stand up on back legs' trick in the same way - I think she was sick of offering one paw so she offered a jump!

4-legged Wiums said...

clever Beryl :)
Her concentrating face is exactly the same as Arrow's - very cute!

houndstooth said...

I love how smart Beryl looks! Really, watching her profile from the side when she was marching made me think that she looked like a little show pony, and that she has the sleekest, glossiest coat ever! Both videos were awesome! :)

Kristine said...

You two are looking great! Beryl's really impressive with her fancy footwork. I think you two may have it in the bag. Your training is a lot more organized than mine that's for sure! :-)

I'm so sorry your real life has been offering up unpleasant complications lately. *hugs* I hope things have improved for you all!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Sue - those were fantastic videos! I really love your attitude & enthusiasm when working with the dogs and don't think you should apologise at all! I wish more people would be like you, instead of being so BORING and flat when they train - no wonder their dogs aren't into it! :-) I can see that you're having fun just as much as Beryl & Frankie - and I'm really impressed with you doing training with 2 dogs at the same time. Sometimes I can barely cope with just one!! I don't know how you do it!

And hey - Beryl's marching has really come on, hasn't it! I can't believe that you only posted that other video of her learning paw targetting only like 2 weeks ago? Look at her now! Nobody can say Greyhounds are stupid - look how fast she has learnt it!

(by the way, yeah, you're right - it would be good if you are careful not to click for each paw when you want her to do 2 at a time - because she is expecting a treat after she hears a click so she gets confused. You know that bit where she did one paw and then stopped and just stared at you? She was waiting for the treat coz she heard the click! :-) Also, it will weaken the power of your CLICK if you do it and then don't follow with treat. I know it's probably just reflex to press the clicker as soon as she does the action but I think it'll help her a lot if you're careful to only click once, after the whole behaviour is completed. To be honest, you could just use a verbal marker, YES, if you find it easier not to mix that up. She already knows that as a marker signal anyway so it will be just as effective. It might be easier than using a clicker which I know is very easy to click by mistake!! :-)

Anyway, keep up the fantastic work and I can't wait to see more!!


Kristin G. said...

Making progress!! I can't wait to see your entire routine. I think it will be awesome!! Keep up the good work.

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